Tall 'Shard' Pot, Location Concept, Wood/Metal 8' Tall

Richard WM Hudson began his career working as a set designer for the entertainment industry. He had a solo show for his ceramics in London in 1999, to which his work is now part of Private, Museum, and Gallery collections, nationally and abroad.  Whilst working as a set designer, Richard set up a sculpting studio in London, UK. With his skills he learnt in set design and construction, Richard started making sculpture that not only have a presence themselves, but have a strong understanding of how they are viewed in their surroundings, creating the effect that not only the sculpture is the art work, but the whole area around it too. Both in set design and sculpture, Richard's work has a Dark, harrowing presence.

Currently Richard lives and works in The Yorkshire Dales National Park, working with found, and recently fallen trees and branches. Richard uses the naturally 'ripped' part of the wood, and burns it with a gas torch, charring the surface to black. He then sculpts the rest leaving the natural color of the wood, and finally sealing with natural clear bees waxes. Richard sees his work as if lightning has struck the tree exploding the sculpture from out of it. His inspiration was found on a walk in Scotland and seeing the aftermath of a forest fire.


"Charred remains stood, ‘but’ new growth emerged!"


This website is to show Richard's work from the start of his career till percent, showing his first works to his latest.

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